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How to prepare your house or apartment to sell or

rent and saving the time and money?

Do you need to sell or rent your house or apartment and save?

Don’t just list it without any advance preparation. A few minor touch-ups can go a

long way towards making a favorable impression on potential buyers or tenant - and perhaps sign a deal.

  • Even small fixes, like a door lock that does not latch, will be noted during a home inspection. Taking care of them now helps ensure your future buyers do not get scared off by an inspector’s laundry list of problems.
  • You can easily overlook the toilet handle that needs repair, or the faucet that drips quietly throughout the day. However, the potential tenant will not be happy with this.
  • Dirty walls don't encourage anyone to choose your offer.

Would you like to prepare your home without spending too much money?

You've just found a solution!You found us!

We've been helping clients since 2006. We know what potential buyers or tenants pay attention to. That’s why we will draw up a list of things needed to prepare the house/apartment for sale/rent, and we will do it. Or you can just tell us what you need to do, and we will do it for you!

Many customers have already trusted us! Here are the opinions of several of them.

You can be next!

If you have a home waiting for a buyer or tenant, you lose money.

If you invest in its preparation, you will limit these losses to a minimum.

By hiring us you will save not only money. Instead of looking for more contractors

to fix all faults, we will fix the faucet faulty, fix the door lock, paint your kitchen,

and ..., and…, and…, and you will gain time for your family.

We offer you a comprehensive service.

If you hire a plumber, carpenter, painter and cleaner separately, you will need a separate time to discussing and valuing the work with all of them, their work will be spread out over time, many of them will need additional payment for unused minimum labor.

With us you have All-in-One, without wasting time, with one bill and

without any additional payments.

Here you can see what we can do.

We guarantee our work.

If, after finishing it, you still find some oversight, we will come and correct it without

any additional costs.

Don't wait!

Make an appointment with us today! The sooner you do it, the sooner your home will be ready to sell or rent. Our work schedule is not always available immediately.

Now you can save more!

By the end of March 2020, our clients receive a 10% discount on all labor price.

Contact us now and set an appointment for FREE Estimate. When you receive it, you will know exactly how much you can gain.

Remember, you don't have to use our offer, but if you would like to save money and time, call us today.

So? Did you decide?

Great, now you must do only a few steps:

  • call us to set an appointment for the Free Estimate,
  • meet with us to make a list of necessary repairs,
  • get a free estimate for labor and material,
  • compare it with other companies,
  • accept our estimate,
  • set our start time,
  • wait for news “Your home is ready”

Easy? Let’s do it!